Last summer I built a spray paint booth and studio inside my barn. It was all experimental, using aerosol paints along with photographic images (my branding of art) on a variety of surfaces to give the illusion of graffiti street art. To bring street art into a gallery setting. My new series of art is titled “Graffiti Rodeo” and will open the Fall of 2021. The experience was way too much cool fun and I can't wait for the weather to warm up to start again with new ideas. My two studio/barn mates are horses, Adelita and Amigo. They put up with all the excitement and loud music so long as I feed them plenty of apples and carrots. The Bulldogger / 68x29 inch / $5500Blondie- Love Affair / 24x18 inch / $1200Viva Adelita / 24x18 / $1300Rolling Thunder / 16x24 inch / $1100Party Girl / 30x22 inch / $2200Rodeo Star / 30x30 inch / $1800Bad Ass / Experimental / NFSLet Me Paint Your Jeans / Commissions AcceptedMy Studio Clothes / NFSEastwood / SoldCassius Clay / SoldWork In ProgressBuffalo on Brick / work in progressPainting On Location