"Wings are a symbol of freedom, truth and justice. This interactive art series is dedicated to all of the volunteer groups who bring compassion, legal council and trek water stations to migrants along the US-Mexico border". -Angel Wynn

Mixed media artist Angel Wynn dedicates this body of work titled “WINGS” to groups of volunteers who work along the US-Mexico Border. Wynn considers wings as a symbol of freedom, truth and justice. “The only species that are free to cross the Southern border today are those with wings”, says Wynn. Inspired by wing span murals, painted by urban street artists, Wynn considered it ideal to create an interactive art show inside a gallery setting. Viewers can participate by standing in front of oversized life-like bird, butterfly and angel wings to have their photo taken and shared on social media. This interactive show is dedicated to groups such as Border Angels, Charter for Compassion and a Roving Medical Unit. Border volunteers assist migrants by trekking water stations into the deserts along migrant paths, administer medical attention, offer legal assistance and provide temporary shelters. All people receive compassion and humanity while the groups of volunteers also work to dispel myths that surrounds US immigration. Wynn herself migrated to the US crossing the northern border from Canada several years ago. Now a US citizen, Wynn remembers her first 8 years living in the US as an illegal alien. “Like many Americans, I’m deeply sympathetic for all the people caught in todays situation along our Southern Border, says Wynn, “For the most part, this great nation has been shaped by 500 years of immigration”. Raven Wings (diptych) / 48x72 inches / $7800Monarch Butterfly / 36x48x2 inches / $3800Blue Butterfly Wing / 30x20 inch / $1800Angel Wings / 36x72 inch Diptych / $6500Angel Wing (leftside) / 36x36 inch / $3500Angel Wing (rightside) / 36x36 inch / $3500If I Could Fly / 20x20x2 inches / $1200Flying Frida / 6x12 inches / $210The Birds / 16x16 inches / $600in Motion / 6x6x2 inch / $125Circle Of Life / 8x8x2 inch / $195Desert Beauty / 6x6x2 inch / $125Full House / 8x8 inch / $195Raven Wing Scarf / 28x80 inches / $75Raven Wing Scarf / 28x80 inches / $75Angel Wing Scarf / 28x80 inches / $75Raven Wings (diptych) / 48x72 inches / $7800Interactive WING seriesInteractive WING series / Angel Wings / $6500Interactive WING series / Raven Wings / $7800Interactive Art Series /Angel Wings / $6500Interactive Art Series / Blue Butterfly Wing / $1800