A showcase of Wynn's art hanging in homes, businesses and public spaces. The highest compliment you can give an artist for all of their hard work is to purchase the art. Collectors and art buyers are as important to the industry as the art creators. Wynn's studio and gallery are located within the historic art district of Downtown Santa Fe, New Mexico. 7 Arts Gallery is open 7 days a week, 10-5 pm. For a personal tour contact Angel 505-819-1103. Coat of Many Colors, 32x46 inch EncausticOPENING Night of "WINGS"- An Interactive ShowOPENING Night of "WINGS"- An Interactive ShowHome on The Range, 24x40 inchThree Chiefs, 30x30 inch EncausticSweethearts of the Revolution, 36x36 inch Encaustic, $3600Buffalo Spring Field, 36x36 inch encausticPecos Village at Dawn, 20x24 inchAnasazi Artist & Paint Pot, 16x16 inch FramedPrivate Collection Inside Eldorado HomeAcoma Pot Collection, 24x24 inch encausticGalisteo Basin Cowboy, 36x24 inch EncausticOld Style Bison #2, 36x36 inch encausticRevolution of Steve Jobs, 60x35 inch EncausticOld Style Bison 20x20 inch encausticPostcards From Indian Country, 29x35 inch Encaustic, $3200Private Collection Inside Eldorado HomeSitting Bull, 20x16 inch framedSitting Bull, 20x16 inch framedOver The Rainbow, 30x36 inch Encaustic, $3000OPENING Night of "WINGS"- An Interactive ShowArtist Angel Wynn posing in front of her "Angel Wings" artWing Scarf (White)/ 28x80 inches / $80Raven Wing Scarf / 28x80 inches / $80