Totem poles, potlatches and longhouses were my initiation into North American Indian Cultures during my adolescent years in Canada on Vancouver Island. Although a non-Indian, my heart has appreciated all tribes and cultural regions throughout North America. For over 25 years, I traveled throughout Indian Country sitting around a campfire or kitchen table with tribal members as we entertained each other with stories or jokes. Over the course of my travels, I documented tribal life and produced one of the most comprehensive image collections of it's kind with over 150,000 photographs). Many images from this archive, called NativeStock Pictures, were utilized and published by National Geographic, Time, Life, Siman & Schuster and The History Channel. Today I use these photographs to produce one of a kind art using a vast assortment of mixed mediums. Creating art that collectors proudly display inside their home, office and institution. War Pony / 48x36 inches / $4500Taos Pueblo Hollyhocks / 24x18 inch / $1500Navajo Blanket Patterns / 25x25 inch / $1000Route 66 Indian Style / 24x20 inches / $1800Painted Sundance Skull / 24x24 inch / $1900Painted Legends on Bison Robe / 16x20 inch / $800Postcards From Indian Country / 29x35 inch / $3300Vision Quest / 16x16 inch / $700Four Directions / 20x20 inch / $1300Winter Ride / 12x12 inch / $850Anasazi Artist & Paint Pot / 12x12 inch framed / $450