Purchasing a piece of art and becoming an artist's collector is by far the highest compliment you can give that artist. "My art I consider my family", says Wynn, "Once my art is sold then that collector becomes part of my family". Wynn's pieces, that have already sold, can be commissioned and uniquely re-created to your liking. The ideal size depends on what best will suit your space. This portfolio represents a variety of art to help you choose subject matter and colors most desirable for your design. Call the artist, Angel Wynn, for a personal consultation. 505-819-1103. Desert Oasis / 8x8 inch / $195Where Buffalo Roam (Set of 4) 24x24 inch"A Woman's War" / 24x24 inch Acrylic $1500Pop Art Daddy / 8x8 inch / $195Andy Cotton Candy / 8x8 inch / $195Pear of Three's / 6x6 inch / $100Macro Butterfly Wing / 20x20x2 inches / $1200Way Out West / 8x8 inch / $195Sold, "Madonna Adelita", 14x11 inch Encaustic"Bel-Air Dashboard" / 24x24 inch Cold Wax / $1200Dixie in Texas / 20x20 inch / $1200"An American Legend" / 30x22 inches / $2200Frida’s Metamorphosis / 12x12"A Frida Paper Doll" / 36x24 inches / $2000Ain't No Joke / 20x16 inch / $900"Raven Take Off" / 12x36 inch Tryptech / $1200Dinner Is Served / 8x8 inch / SoldWings of A Dove / 6x6 inch / SoldRaven in Gold / 6x6 inch / SoldLady Of The Lake / 6x6 inch / SoldAdelita Wall Paper / 6x6 inch /$120Border Crossing / 8x8 inch / SoldSOLDBilly The Kid Sunny Day / 8x8 inch / SoldAnnie Oakley Garden / 8x8 inch / SoldA Dozen Pears / 24x24 inch / Sold"Adelita Grunge" / 12x12 inch /Sold"Turquoise Sky Of The West" / 16x20 inch / SoldFlower Power / 10x10 inch / SoldDreams of Spring / 10x10 inch / SoldTipi On Snow, 10x10 inch encaustic, SOLDSummer & 1804 US Flag / 20x10 inch / SoldTexas Longhorn, 6x6 inch encaustic, $120Route 66 Red Carpet, 25x25 inch Encaustic, $1100Frida Metamorphosis & HollyhockWarhol Meets Adelita / 24x24 inch Acrylic / $1500 SoldSOLD, "A Full House", 16x16 inch encaustic, $800 Sold"Indian Parts & Service" / 12x12 inches / Sold"Get Your Kicks, On Route 66" / 30x24 inches / SoldGhost Dancer, 53x24 inch Encaustic, $3600Family of Five Bison / 20x60 inch /CommissionedPaper Doll Frida & Dove, 14x11 inch Encaustic, $450Woodstock Or Bust, 12x12 inch encaustic, $400Golden Aura Tree / 6x6 inch / $100Willow In Trade Blanket / 20x10 inch / SoldRaven's Landing, 10x10 inch, SOLDButterflys Are Free / 8x8 inch encaustic / $225 SOLDCadillac Ranch, 16x16 inch encaustic, $800Three Anasazi Pots, 29x36 inch, $2500 Sold"What Girls Dream Of" / 20x10 inch / SoldSOLD "Dias de Metamorphosis", 20x20 inch Encaustic, $1200 Sold"Strength In Numbers" / 12x36 inch / $1400 SoldLocked Out /12x12 inch / $350 SOLDFlora Fauna Frida / 48x12 inch / SOLD"Viva La Vida, Long Live Life" / 30x24 inch Acrylic / SOLD"Flute Song For Father Sky" / SOLDFrida & Hailstone / SOLD"Frida Meets Warhol" / 24x24 inch / Sold"The Buffalo Hunter" / SoldPecos Village at Dawn / 20x24 inch / SoldSouth of the Border / SoldFrida's Metamorphosis / 12x12 inch / $450 SoldOh Deer! / 14x11 inch / SoldRaven Hair / 20x10 inch / SoldBuffalo Spring Field / 36x36 inch / $3000 SoldBison on the Plains / 12x36 inch / $1400 SoldRevolution of Steve Jobs / 60x35 inch / CommissionedCoat of Many Colors / 32x46 inch / $4200 SoldA Taos Pasture / 20x16 inch / SoldFree Spirited, SoldSong For Adelita, 12x12 inch , SoldConversations, 12x16 inch Framed, SoldFour Monkeys & Frida, SoldAdelita Paper Dolls, 36x24 inch, $2500 SoldFrida With Sparrow, 8x8 inch, SoldSongbird for Frida, SoldFrida and Hawk, SoldBison in Red, 22x22 inch, $1500 SoldButterflies Are Free, 10x10 inch, SoldFrida Owl Wisdom, 10x8 inch, SoldAnasazi Ram Mask, 30x18, $1500 SoldShiprock: Traveler's Landmark, 20x24 inch framed, $1500 SoldFirst Light, 12x18 inch framed 3-D, SoldPortrait of a Bison #2, 16x16 inch, $750 SoldPortrait of a Bison #1, 16x16 inch, $750 SoldPeace of Mind, 20x20 inch, $1200 SoldWild Flower, 30x24 inch, $2200 SoldCamas Prairie Encampment, 11x14 inch Oil, SoldGalisteo Basin Cowboy, 36x24 inch, $2600 SoldGlorious Adelita, 12x12 inch, $400 SoldSold- Medicine Creek, 12x16 inch framed, SoldAncient Deer Mask, 30x18 inch SoldHand Made, 24x24 inch, $1700 SoldMy Grandmother's Quilt, 30x30 inch, $2700 SoldIcon of the Plains, 10x10 inch SoldGeronimo Meets Warhol, 36x36 inch, $3500 SoldDaughters of the Revolution, 16x20 inch, $950 SoldThree Sacred Colors, 20x20 inch SoldSitting Bull, 38x30 inch, $3,000 SoldSitting Bull #2, 16x37 inch Oil, $1800 SoldRed Horse, 12x12 inch, SoldWinter Ride, 20x20 inch, $1200 SoldCigar Box, 10x10 inch SoldHand Made, 10x10 inch SoldOld Fashioned Girl, 20x24 inch, $1500Butterfly Collection 2, SoldNavajo Cow Blanket, 8x8 inch, SoldBuffalo Family of Five Bison, 12x36 inch, $1200 SoldHorse Travois & Tipi, 16x16 inch SoldAcoma Pot Collection, 24x24 inch, $1600 SoldWhere The Buffalo Roam, 30x47 inch, $3300 SoldButterfly Collection 3, SoldParis Candle Light Memorial, SoldGreetings From Route 66, 30x24 inch, $2200 SoldTotem Village, 8x8 inch SoldBison and Beeswax, 29x37 inch, $2900 SoldThree Chiefs, 30x30 inch, $2600 SoldButterfly Collection 4, 6x6 inch SoldSioux Doll, SOLD, 12x16 inch framed, $500Butterfly Collection 5, 6x6 inch SoldBlessing a Sacred Place, 12x12 inch SoldAmerican White Buffalo, 6x6 inch SoldIn The Garden / 6x6 inch / $120Ghost Ranch Skull, 8x8 inch SoldLaughing Inuit Girl, 8x8 inch SoldChristmas Bison, 8x8 inch Sold"Get Your Kicks on Route 66", 16x16 inch Encaustic, $800 SoldBuffalo Herd, 30x35 inch, $2500 SoldAmerican Plains Bison, 16x16 inch, $550 SoldWinter Forage, 11x14 inch, $350 SoldButterfly Collection 1, 6x6 inch Sold"Kind Eye" / 6x6 inch / $120Butterfly Wing Textures / 20x20x2 inches / $1200American Spirit, 12x12 inch, SoldSundance Lodge, 30x43 inch, $3200 SoldNavajo Turquoise, 10x10 inch Sold"Moon Dance" / 6x6 inch / $120Rise and Shine / 6x6 inch / $120Raven Speaks / 8x8 inch / $195Winter Lodge / 8x8 inch / $195Lady Of The Lake / 8x8 inch / $195Four Bison Four Colors, 20x20 inch, $950 SoldSundance Skull #2, 30x30 inch, $2500"Crazy Weather" / 8x8 inches / $195Anasazi Clay Jars Triptych, 36x12 inch, $1000Crow Storyteller, 10x10 inch SoldBison American Icon, 10x10 inch SoldButterfly Collection #6, 6x6 inch SoldFull House / 8x8 inch / $195Through The Hollyhocks / 8x8x2 inch / SOLDCanned Buffalo Meat / 8x8 inches / $100 Sale Flying Frida / 10x20 inch / $500