Purchasing a piece of art and becoming an artist's collector is by far the highest compliment you can give that artist. "My art I consider my family", says Wynn, "Once my art is sold then that collector becomes part of my family". Wynn's pieces, that have already sold, can be commissioned and uniquely re-created to your liking. The ideal size depends on what best will suit your space. This portfolio represents a variety of art to help you choose subject matter and colors most desirable for your design. Call the artist, Angel Wynn, for a personal consultation. 505-819-1103. Fiesta Time / 6x6x2 inch / $120Through The Hollyhocks / 8x8x2 inch / SOLDFlying Frida / 10x20 inch / $500Desert Oasis / 8x8 inch / $195Where Buffalo Roam (Set of 4) 24x24 inch"A Woman's War" / 24x24 inch Acrylic $1500"Dixie in Texas / 20x20 inches / $1200Pop Art Daddy / 8x8 inch / $195Andy Cotton Candy / 8x8 inch / $195Pear of Three's / 6x6 inch / $100Buffalo Hunter / 8x8 inch / $195Macro Butterfly Wing / 20x20x2 inches / $1200Way Out West / 8x8 inch / $195Sold, "Madonna Adelita", 14x11 inch Encaustic"Bel-Air Dashboard" / 24x24 inch Cold Wax / $1200Dixie in Texas / 20x20 inch / $1200"An American Legend" / 30x22 inches / $2200Frida’s Metamorphosis / 12x12"A Frida Paper Doll" / 36x24 inches / $2000Ain't No Joke / 20x16 inch / $900"Raven Take Off" / 12x36 inch Tryptech / $1200Dinner Is Served / 8x8 inch / SoldWings of A Dove / 6x6 inch / SoldRaven in Gold / 6x6 inch / SoldLady Of The Lake / 6x6 inch / SoldAdelita Wall Paper / 6x6 inch /$120Border Crossing / 8x8 inch / SoldSOLDBilly The Kid Sunny Day / 8x8 inch / SoldAnnie Oakley Garden / 8x8 inch / SoldA Dozen Pears / 24x24 inch / Sold"Adelita Grunge" / 12x12 inch /Sold"Turquoise Sky Of The West" / 16x20 inch / SoldFlower Power / 10x10 inch / SoldDreams of Spring / 10x10 inch / SoldTipi On Snow, 10x10 inch encaustic, SOLDSummer & 1804 US Flag / 20x10 inch / SoldTexas Longhorn, 6x6 inch encaustic, $120Route 66 Red Carpet, 25x25 inch Encaustic, $1100Frida Metamorphosis & HollyhockWarhol Meets Adelita / 24x24 inch Acrylic / $1500 SoldSOLD, "A Full House", 16x16 inch encaustic, $800 Sold"Indian Parts & Service" / 12x12 inches / Sold"Get Your Kicks, On Route 66" / 30x24 inches / SoldGhost Dancer, 53x24 inch Encaustic, $3600Family of Five Bison / 20x60 inch /CommissionedPaper Doll Frida & Dove, 14x11 inch Encaustic, $450Woodstock Or Bust, 12x12 inch encaustic, $400Golden Aura Tree / 6x6 inch / $100Willow In Trade Blanket / 20x10 inch / SoldRaven's Landing, 10x10 inch, SOLDButterfly Wing Textures / 20x20x2 inches / $1200Butterflys Are Free / 8x8 inch encaustic / $225 SOLDCadillac Ranch, 16x16 inch encaustic, $800Three Anasazi Pots, 29x36 inch, $2500 Sold"What Girls Dream Of" / 20x10 inch / SoldSOLD "Dias de Metamorphosis", 20x20 inch Encaustic, $1200 Sold"Strength In Numbers" / 12x36 inch / $1400 SoldLocked Out /12x12 inch / $350 SOLDFlora Fauna Frida / 48x12 inch / SOLD"Viva La Vida, Long Live Life" / 30x24 inch Acrylic / SOLD"Flute Song For Father Sky" / SOLDIn The Garden / 6x6 inch / $120Frida & Hailstone / SOLD"Frida Meets Warhol" / 24x24 inch / SoldPecos Village at Dawn / 20x24 inch / SoldSouth of the Border / SoldFrida's Metamorphosis / 12x12 inch / $450 SoldOh Deer! / 14x11 inch / SoldRaven Hair / 20x10 inch / SoldBuffalo Spring Field / 36x36 inch / $3000 SoldBison on the Plains / 12x36 inch / $1400 SoldRevolution of Steve Jobs / 60x35 inch / CommissionedCoat of Many Colors / 32x46 inch / $4200 SoldA Taos Pasture / 20x16 inch / SoldFree Spirited, SoldSong For Adelita, 12x12 inch , SoldConversations, 12x16 inch Framed, SoldFour Monkeys & Frida, SoldAdelita Paper Dolls, 36x24 inch, $2500 SoldFrida With Sparrow, 8x8 inch, SoldSongbird for Frida, SoldFrida and Hawk, SoldBison in Red, 22x22 inch, $1500 Sold"The Buffalo Hunter" / SoldButterflies Are Free, 10x10 inch, SoldFrida Owl Wisdom, 10x8 inch, SoldAnasazi Ram Mask, 30x18, $1500 SoldShiprock: Traveler's Landmark, 20x24 inch framed, $1500 SoldFirst Light, 12x18 inch framed 3-D, SoldPortrait of a Bison #2, 16x16 inch, $750 SoldPortrait of a Bison #1, 16x16 inch, $750 SoldPeace of Mind, 20x20 inch, $1200 SoldWild Flower, 30x24 inch, $2200 SoldCamas Prairie Encampment, 11x14 inch Oil, SoldGalisteo Basin Cowboy, 36x24 inch, $2600 SoldGlorious Adelita, 12x12 inch, $400 SoldSold- Medicine Creek, 12x16 inch framed, SoldAncient Deer Mask, 30x18 inch SoldHand Made, 24x24 inch, $1700 SoldMy Grandmother's Quilt, 30x30 inch, $2700 SoldIcon of the Plains, 10x10 inch SoldGeronimo Meets Warhol, 36x36 inch, $3500 SoldDaughters of the Revolution, 16x20 inch, $950 SoldThree Sacred Colors, 20x20 inch SoldSitting Bull, 38x30 inch, $3,000 SoldSitting Bull #2, 16x37 inch Oil, $1800 SoldRed Horse, 12x12 inch, SoldWinter Ride, 20x20 inch, $1200 SoldCigar Box, 10x10 inch SoldHand Made, 10x10 inch SoldOld Fashioned Girl, 20x24 inch, $1500Butterfly Collection 2, SoldNavajo Cow Blanket, 8x8 inch, SoldBuffalo Family of Five Bison, 12x36 inch, $1200 SoldHorse Travois & Tipi, 16x16 inch SoldAcoma Pot Collection, 24x24 inch, $1600 SoldWhere The Buffalo Roam, 30x47 inch, $3300 SoldButterfly Collection 3, SoldParis Candle Light Memorial, SoldGreetings From Route 66, 30x24 inch, $2200 SoldTotem Village, 8x8 inch SoldBison and Beeswax, 29x37 inch, $2900 SoldThree Chiefs, 30x30 inch, $2600 SoldButterfly Collection 4, 6x6 inch SoldSioux Doll, SOLD, 12x16 inch framed, $500Butterfly Collection 5, 6x6 inch SoldBlessing a Sacred Place, 12x12 inch SoldAmerican White Buffalo, 6x6 inch SoldGhost Ranch Skull, 8x8 inch SoldLaughing Inuit Girl, 8x8 inch SoldChristmas Bison, 8x8 inch Sold"Get Your Kicks on Route 66", 16x16 inch Encaustic, $800 SoldBuffalo Herd, 30x35 inch, $2500 SoldAmerican Plains Bison, 16x16 inch, $550 SoldWinter Forage, 11x14 inch, $350 SoldButterfly Collection 1, 6x6 inch Sold"Kind Eye" / 6x6 inch / $120American Spirit, 12x12 inch, SoldSundance Lodge, 30x43 inch, $3200 SoldNavajo Turquoise, 10x10 inch Sold"Moon Dance" / 6x6 inch / $120Rise and Shine / 6x6 inch / $120Raven Speaks / 8x8 inch / $195Winter Lodge / 8x8 inch / $195Lady Of The Lake / 8x8 inch / $195Four Bison Four Colors, 20x20 inch, $950 SoldSundance Skull #2, 30x30 inch, $2500"Crazy Weather" / 8x8 inches / $195Anasazi Clay Jars Triptych, 36x12 inch, $1000Crow Storyteller, 10x10 inch SoldBison American Icon, 10x10 inch SoldButterfly Collection #6, 6x6 inch SoldFull House / 8x8 inch / $195Canned Buffalo Meat / 8x8 inches / $100 Sale Adelita Wants You / 6x6 inch / $120Hollyhock Garden / 6x6 inch / $120Adelita Woman Warrior / 8x8x2 inch / $195Billy The Kid / 6x6 inch / $120 Stairway To Heaven / 6x6x2 / $120"Wings In Motion" / 6x6 inch / $120As The Crow Flys / 8x8 inch / $195Land Survey / 6x6 inch / $120Deck The Halls / 6x6 inch / $120"Adelita Wants You Gringo" / 30x24 inch Acrylic / $1200Spirit of the Lake / 11x14 / $400Country Living / 8x8x2 / SOLDPecos Pueblo Ruins / 8x8 inch / SoldClose Encounter / 7x5 inch / Sold"100 Years of Portraits" / 19x38 inches / SOLDJames Dean- Giant / 8x8 inch / SOLDIf I Could Fly / 20x20 / SoldOld Fashioned Girl / 24x24 inches / SOLDShiprock Warhol Style / 36x36 inch / SOLDLord Of The Plains / 16x20 inch / SoldSpirit Of The Rockies / 16x16 / SoldThe Birds / 16x16 inch / SoldSaturday April 3 / Pastel Painting On Photo Encaustics / 11am-3pm MSTAdvanced Beginners Photo Encaustics / Coming In May$75 Starter Supply KIT (Beginner Class)$75 Supply KIT (Hand Coloring Class)$75 Supply KIT (Hand Coloring Class)$75 Collage Supply KITMake This "Adelita in Garden" Collage Encaustic / Coming SoonMake This "Robin Eggs In Nest" Photo-Encaustic / Coming SoonMake This "Cadillac Ranch" Encaustic Collage / Coming SoonVery Beginner Workshop / Coming in May