Wynn's landscape is of plateaus, mesas and canyons embraced by mountains and deserts, along with a few big rivers that runs right through the middle… this makes up the picturesque landscape of Wild West Living. Add to the mix diverse cultures, ancient monuments and people full of spirit. For years before making Santa Fe home, Wynn, a professional photographer, would visit Indian Reservations driving her truck with camper to explore all the nooks and crannies. Wynn now uses an assortment of mixed media art materials combined with her photographs. Molten hot encaustic wax along with oil pigments makes up the majority of her art. Subjects of roadside attractions, rural scenes and diverse cultures fascinate Wynn. The Bulldogger / 68x29 inch / $5500Rodeo Star / 30x30 inch / $1800Batwing Chaps / 24x18 /$1200Prairie Spirit / 24x36 / $2400Ole! Horse Skull and Roses / 20x20 inch / $1100Shiprock Warhol Style / 36x36 inch / $3600Horse Heaven / 24x36 inch Triptych / $2400Buffalo Spring Field / 20x20 inch / $1200American Bison Stands Strong / 16x16 inch / $550Galisteo Basin Cowboy / 24x18 inch / $1300Buffalo Dancer / 17x17 inch framed / $1000Vintage Wallpaper / 30x30 inch / $2500"Spirit of the Rockies" / 16x16 inches / $450