All her life, Angel has enjoyed shooting pictures with a variety of cameras. Starting out in a career as a professional photographer and filmmaker, Wynn created the most comprehensive image collection of it's kind on American Indian cultures throughout North America. She has been called "the Edward Curtis" of the 21st Century". Her image data base contains well over 150,000 still images. These photographs have been used and licensed by the who's who of publishing such as National Geographic, Simon Schuster, Time Life, The History Channel, PBS and more.
This is an assortment of imagery that Angel Wynn would consider her fine art photography. Where Two Cultures ClashKiva In The MountainsSanctuario ChimayoDon't Fence Me InBison- Icon Of The Plains (square)Home on the RangeBison on The RangeMajestic Bison of the Plains #2Holy Sanctuary Chimayo, Infra-redTaos Pueblo Mission, Infra-Red SeriesTaos Pueblo, Infra-Red SeriesTaos Pueblo #2, Infra-Red SeriesTaos Pueblo #3, Infra-Red SeriesNew Mexico CowboysHorse Herd at Sacajawea's BirthplaceBrave with Coup StickCrossing the Little Bighorn RiverCrossing the Little Bighorn #2The Buffalo HunterWinter RideWinter Ride #2Brave HeartCrow ScoutPrimal AwarenessWe Shall RemainWe Shall Remain (sepia)Horse Whisperer (sepia)Harley Spirit Rider at SunsetRider in the Sky on Harley (color)Crazy WeatherSun HorseAt One With HorseHorse Travois & Tipi EncampmentHomelands (sepia)Shoshone Rose (color)Horse Travois in Winter Camp (sepia pano)Winter Ride Panorama (sepia)Winter Ride #4 (square)Man In Bison Robe on Horseback Horse Travois in Winter CampCrazy WeatherHomelands, Where Earth meets Sky, Fine Art PrintSun Horse, Photographic PrintShoshone RoseSenorita Horse Rider, Photographic Fine Art PrintCrossing the Little BighornCounting CoupWe Shall RemainWinter RideScout at Little BighornAt One With HorseBrave with Coup StickNavajolandsOld Style Buffalo SkullPyramid Butte Bison Herd, PanoramaFamily of Five- BisonBuffalo Herd in Spring Meadow, PanoramaThree Bison on Salt FlatsMonument Valley Vista, Fine Art Photographic PrintBuffalo Herd in Spring Meadow, Pano Fine Art PrintFamily of Five, Fine Art Photographic PrintOld Style Buffalo, Fine Art Photographic PrintPueblo Buffalo Dancer #3, Infra-redPueblo Buffalo Dancer #4Pueblo Buffalo Dancer Buffalo Dancer, Infra-red SeriesPueblo Buffalo Dancer #5Shaman With Clan ShieldAmerican SpiritThe FoxShawnee HunterFlute Song Sent To The SkyVision QuestSongs Of Our AncestorsLady of the Lake (color)Sacajawea Mountain & DescendentHudson Bay Blanket on WinterscapeOne Flag, One CountryBlessing A Sacred CaveThe Ghost DancerMountain Child with SkullMountain Child with Horse SkullGiving Thanks to Mother EarthShaman at Medicine Mountain (sepia)Vision Quest 2Honoring the Sacred Buffalo (color)Shaman at Medicine Mountain (color)Georgia's White Place #4 Coyote Mission FenceNavajo Landscape- Where Sky Meets Earth (panorama)Monument Valley Vista (sepia)Fireside Inside TipiTipi Camp on Camas PrairieSundance Lodge (color)Sundance Lodge (sepia full)Sundance Lodge Panorama (Sepia)Inside a KivaStairway To HeavenPueblo Cross, Infra-Red SeriesRunning Horse HerdHorse Series #11Crowheart Butte WyomingDream CatcherValentine DreamcatcherModern Day WarriorSpirit Rider PanoramaSpirit Rider on Harley with SunburstShawnee Hunter, Photographic PrintThe Seal HunterAztec HeaddressTraditional Blessings of the SiouxHeadman in Wolf CapeEagle Feather RegaliaAmerican SpiritNative Flute PlayerFlute Notes Sent to the SkyShaman with Family ShieldGeorgia's White Place #2Georgia's White Place #3Hanging Out The Crosses, Infra-Red SeriesNew Mexico Landscape, Infra-Red SeriesAncient Stories on Canyon WallSpirit of New LifeTraditions Handed DownZuni Woman With PotLaughing Inuit GirlTotem Pole VillageYakima Tipi CampOne Flag, One Country (sepia)Blessing Sacred CaveShawnee Indian ArrowheadsHonoring the Sacred Buffalo (sepia)Blessing A Sacred Cave (sepia Pano)Lady of the Lake (sepia pano)Kit Carson Grave (regular b/w)Pyramid Butte Bison Herd, Fine Art Photographic PrintBuffalo Dancer, Fine Art Photographic PrintBuffalo Tipi on Plains, Fine Art Photographic PrintOld Style Buffalo Skull, Fine Art Photographic PrintAncient Indian Trail