MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS-  Raven Wing Scarf, Angel Wing Scarf, Coasters, Apparel, Home Decor, Bags and more....

POSTERS- Prints of sold art are available. With the high requests that Angel Wynn received for artworks that had already sold she decided to create a line of large affordable prints. As an artist, Angel feels that this line of posters represents some of her best work to date.

BOOKS- An assortment of books and show catalogs available from previous art show openings. All photography and art featured inside these books have been created by photographer/artist Angel Wynn. Each title is specific to a series that showcases images of Wynn's art created for that particular body of work. Limited editions of 100. Once they run out, they are gone.

POSTER- Adelita Wants You / 20x30 / $75POSTER- Peace Of Mind/ 20x24 / $65POSTER- Party of Five / 12x36 / $75POSTER- Coat of Many Colors / 20x30 / $75POSTER- Buffalo Spring Field / 20x24 / $65POSTER - Sitting Bull Red / 20x30 /$75POSTER-Camas Prairie Tipi Camp / 20x24 / $65POSTER- Get Your Kicks On Route 66 / 20x24 / $65POSTER- Frida Meets Warhol / 20x24 / $65POSTER- Frida Metamorphosis & Hollyhock/ 20x24 / $65Raven Wing Scarf / 28x80 inches / $80Angel Wing Scarf / 28x80 inches / $80Wing Scarf (White)/ 28x80 inches / $80Wing Scarf (Black) / 28x80 inches / $80Book- Voice Of The Spirit / $30BOOK- Anasazi: Stone & Bone / $35BOOK- Ghost Dance: Spirits & Angels / $40BOOK- Feathers & Leathers BOOK- Bison & Beeswax