By becoming a collector and purchasing an artist's artwork is by far the highest compliment anyone can give an artist. "The art I consider my family", says Wynn, "Once a piece is sold then the collector too becomes part of my family". Even though sold, many of these pieces can be uniquely re-created as a commission to your liking. All sizes are available for what will best suit your space and can be made into either an encaustic or acrylic piece. This portfolio is to give you a selection of ideas and colors that are most desirable to your design. Contact Angel Wynn at 505-819-1103 to discuss the possibilities of a no-obligation commissioned piece. Paper Doll Frida & Dove, 14x11 inch Encaustic, $450Texas Longhorn, 6x6 inch encaustic, $120Get Your Kicks, 12x12 inch encaustic $400Woodstock Or Bust, 12x12 inch encaustic, $400SOLD! "Strength In Numbers", 12x36 inch encaustic, $1400SOLD, "A Full House", 16x16 inch encaustic, $800SOLD! "What Girls Dream Of", 20x10 inch EncausticSOLD "Dias de Metamorphosis", 20x20 inch Encaustic, $1200Locked Out_12x12 inch_Encaustic_$350, SOLDButterflys Are Free, 8x8 inch encaustic, $225, SOLDSOLD! Warhol Meets Adelita, 24x24 inch Acrylic, $1500Flora Fauna Frida, 48x12 inch Encaustic, SOLDViva La Vida, Long Live Life, 30x24 inch Acrylic, SOLDFlute Song For Father Sky, 6x12 inch encaustic, SOLDFrida & Hailstone, 6x6 inch, SOLDRaven's Landing, 10x10 inch, SOLDTipi On Snow, 10x10 inch encaustic, SOLDSOLD Greetings From Route 66, 24x20 inch EncausticAngel Wynn_Frida Meets Warhol_Encaustic_24x24 inchThe Buffalo Hunter, 12x12 inch encausticPecos Village at Dawn, 20x24 inchFamily of Five Bison, 12x36 inch EncausticSouth of the Border, 12x6 inch EncausticFrida's Metamorphosis, 12x12 inch Encaustic, $450Oh Deer!, 14x11 inch EncausticRaven Hair, 20x10 inch EncausticBuffalo Spring Field, 36x36 inch encausticGreetings From Vermijo Ranch, 12x36 inch EncausticRevolution of Steve Jobs, 60x35 inch EncausticCoat of Many Colors, 32x46 inch EncausticGreetings From A Taos Pasture, 20x16 inch encausticFree Spirited, 8x8 inch EncausticSong For Adelita, 12x12 inch encausticCouncil Conversations, 12x16 inch Encaustic FramedFour Monkeys & Frida, 10x10 inchAdelita Paper Dolls, 36x24 inche EncausticFrida With Sparrow, 8x8 inch EncausticSongbird for Frida, 8x8 inch EncausticFrida and Hawk, 6x6 inch encausticBison in Red, 22x22 inch EncausticButterflies Are Free, 10x10 inch EncausticWillow In Trade Blanket, SoldFrida Owl Wisdom, 10x8 inch encausticSold- Anasazi Ram Mask, 30x18 EncausticShiprock: Traveler's Landmark, 20x24 inch framed encausticFirst Light, 12x18 inch framed 3-D EncausticPortrait of a Bison #2, 16x16 inch EncausticPortrait of a Bison #1, 16x16 inch EncausticPeace of Mind, 20x20 inch EncausticWild Flower, 30x24 inch EncausticCamas Prairie Encampment, 11x14 inch OilGalisteo Basin Cowboy, 36x24 inch EncausticGlorious Adelita, 12x12 inch EncausticSold- Medicine Creek, 12x16 inch framed EncausticAncient Deer Mask, 30x18 inch EncausticHand Made, 24x24 inch EncausticRed Horse, 12x12 inch EncausticThree Chiefs, 30x30 inch EncausticMy Grandmother's Quilt, 30x30 inch EncausticIcon of the Plains, 10x10 inch EncausticGeronimo Meets Warhol, 36x36 inch EncausticDaughters of the Revolution, 16x20 inch EncausticThree Sacred Colors, 20x20 inch EncausticSitting Bull, 38x30 inchWinter Ride, 10x10 inch EncausticCigar Box, 10x10 inch EncausticHand Made, 10x10 inch encausticFourth of July, 16x20 inch encausticButterfly Collection 2, 6x6 inch encausticNavajo Cow Blanket, 8x8 inch encausticStars & Stripes of American Spirit, 12x12 inch encausticMy Grandmother's Quilt, 30x30 inch encausticHorse Travois & Tipi, 10x10 inch encausticAcoma Pot Collection, 24x24 inch encausticWhere The Buffalo Roam, 30x47 inch encausticButterfly Collection 3, 6x6 inch encausticParis Candle Light Memorial, 16x16 inch encausticBison American Icon, 10x10 inch encausticSundance Skull #2, 30x30 inch encausticAmerican White Buffalo, 6x6 inch encausticAnasazi Artist & Paint Pot, 12x12 inch FramedTotem Village, 8x8 inch encausticBison and Beeswax, 29x37 inch encausticFour Bison Four Colors, 20x20 inch encausticSundance Lodge, 30x43 inch encausticNavajo Turquoise, 10x10 inch encausticSioux Doll, SOLD, 12x16 inch framed encausticButterfly Collection 5, 6x6 inch encausticCrow Storyteller, 10x10 inch encausticBuffalo Herd, 30x35 inch encausticButterfly Collection #6, 6x6 inch encausticAnasazi Clay Jars Triptych, 36x12 inchButterfly Collection 1, 6x6 inch encausticBlessing a Sacred Place, 12x12 inch encausticButterfly Collection 4, 6x6 inch encausticAmerican White Buffalo, 6x6 inch encausticGhost Ranch Skull, 8x8 inch encausticLaughing Inuit Girl, 8x8 inch encausticChristmas Bison, 8x8 inch encausticOld Fashioned Girl, 20x24 inch, $1500Cadillac Ranch, 16x16 inch encaustic, $800"Get Your Kicks on Route 66", 16x16 inch Encaustic, $800Three Anasazi Pots, 16x20 inch encaustic, $950