As an artist and amateur historian, Wynn has been fascinated by Mexico's history. Adelita women soldiers of the Mexican Revolution; Frida Kahol; Pancho Villa; the Aztecs; and the flora and fauna of the Southwest. The colorful palette from South of the Border allows Wynn to explode with joyful enthusiasm when creating this body of work.

Frida Metamorphosis & Hollyhock_20x20 inch_encausticA Frida Paper Doll, 36x24 inch Encaustic, $2400Tierra y Libertad Land & Liberty, 24x40 inch Encaustic, $2500Adelita Wants You, 30x24 inch Acrylic, $1600Rosa y Pistola, 24x18 inch Encaustic, $1100Frida With Hailstone, 8x8 inch Encaustic, $200Sweethearts of the Revolution, 36x36 inch Encaustic, $3600A Woman's War, 24x24 inch Acrylic, $1500Daughters of the Revolution #2, 20x24 inch Acrylic, $1100Selfie, 16x16 inch Acrylic, $750Pancho Zapata Adelita, 30x24 inch Encaustic, $2000Senorita Horse Rider, Photographic Fine Art Print