As an artist and amateur historian, Wynn has been fascinated by Mexico's history. Adelita women soldiers of the Mexican Revolution; Frida Kahol; Pancho Villa; the Aztecs; and the flora and fauna of the Southwest. The colorful palette from South of the Border allows Wynn to explode with joyful enthusiasm when creating this body of work.

A Frida Paper Doll, 36x24 inch Encaustic, $2400Paper Doll Frida & Dove, 14x11 inch Encaustic, $450Frida With Hailstone, 8x8 inch Encaustic, $200Tierra y Libertad Land & Liberty, 24x40 inch Encaustic, $2500Dias de Metamorphosis, 20x20 inch Encaustic, $1200Adelita Wants You, 30x24 inch Acrylic, $1600Rosa y Pistola, 24x18 inch Encaustic, $1100Warhol Meets Adelita, 24x24 inch Acrylic, $1500Sweethearts of the Revolution, 36x36 inch Encaustic, $3600A Woman's War, 24x24 inch Acrylic, $1500Daughters of the Revolution #2, 20x24 inch Acrylic, $1100Selfie, 16x16 inch Acrylic, $750Pancho Zapata Adelita, 30x24 inch Encaustic, $2000Senorita Horse Rider, Photographic Fine Art Print