Starting with a photograph, I paint layers of translucent melted encaustic wax over the surface to give my artwork luminous textured qualities. A collage of imagery is combined with colorful oil paints, exotic papers, textiles, earth pigments and other mixed media to give each piece a contemporary style all it’s own. My preferred size of birch wood cradle boards is generally between 20x24 to 36x36 inches and sometimes even larger. New ideas for artwork continue to pop into my head. Concepts that I’m excited to develop next are “Flora & Fauna of the Southwest” and "Wild West in Wax”.  With a strong interest in history, I continue to create new pieces on the Mexican Revolution that will help to tell it’s story. I want to further explore utilizing acrylic mediums to build up layers with my images and mixed media. The polymer’s would also allow me to design three-dimensional pieces. My art is about educating and building awareness for it’s viewers.

Through photography my creative intention is to instill in the viewer awareness and
compassion for Indigenous cultures. My fundamental desire is to bring this knowledge to the forefront by exhibiting my images in new ways to show that this beautiful legacy continues today. Artists and photographers who have deeply influenced my work are Edward S. Curtis, Fritz Scholder, Andy Warhol and Annie Liebovitz. My current work combines the ancient encaustic wax medium that takes on an ethereal dreamlike appearance. By layering multiple images, hot wax and pigments, my images begin to dissolve into each other, producing an enchanting mix of imagery. I like to call it “a primitive process for an ancient
culture.” I enjoy exploring all the creative possibilities that encaustic wax provides me when combined with fine art photography.


NATIVE STOCK PICTURES- Is a commercial stock image collection that I produced over time specializing in American Indian cultures.